July 2010: Just back from the D.C. Hip Hop theater Festival.  Ninja was not on this trip, he is working with Jersey Seed in Upsate NY (Imparting the knowledge).  We had the opportunity to bring Tyee Tilghman to play with us on stage, in his stead. We’ve known Tyee for a while now, as he was one of the actors in our part of THE WAR ANTHOLOGY at Curious Theater, some years back.  He was also with us at Curious when we were revisiting AMERIVILLE, and there, he impressed us by nearly merorizing the entire script. We’ve long been talking about bringing him to the stage with us and this was the first opportunity.  What a great job Tyee … Can’t wait for the next.

We wants to thank Clyde, Kamilah, Katy and Sarah for their continued support through out the years and for the level of excellence you bring to this field.  It was great to reconnect and do the damn’ thing.   We only performed a sneak peak excerpt of AMERIVILLE as the full production will be coming to the DC area at ROUND HOUSE Theater in October 20th-November 5th 2010.  We can’t wait to go back, and do the full piece.  Thanks HHTF, for EVERYTHING you do. XOXO 


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