On the Run

Wow, It’s been a while since we posted something here, sorry, we’ve been on the run.

Running our pens, our mouths and our legs from state to state.  Here’s a pick-up from where we last left off:

  • October-November 2009: Curious Theater in Denver, CO was instrumental in helping us revisit AMERIVILLE’s text and understanding the possibilities in its tourability. It was an amazing run and we are ever indebted to Chip Walton and the Staff, Crew and family at Curious. Thank you Fam.
  • November 2009: After Curious we landed in Knoxville, TN … Under the invitation of The National Performance Network and our great friend Linda Parris-Bailey (Carpetbag Theatre), to do an excerpt of AMERIVILLE for the NPN Annual Conference 2009.  NPN has been instrumental in the development of AMERIVILLE from the beginning.  UNIVERSES received an NPN Creation Fund Grant from NPN. Thank You, NPN.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010. 🙂
  • January 2010: At the opening of this year, our first stop was at Playmakers Rep. – Chapel Hill, NC.  Joe Haj brought us out to revisit our already successful Live From The Edge and experiment on incorporating elements of AMERIVILLE, etc., in preparation for our Book Tour at the End of the year, when our Anthology is released by TCG Books, entitled,THE BIG BANG.
  • February 2010: Helena Presents (Helena, MT) and Ed Noonan brought us out to beautiful Montana to hit it off with Live From The Edge.  Lots of building relationships with local youth.  Amazing experience.  Look forward to the next time. I should also not that Ed Noonan and Helena Presents was one of the Commissioning partners for AMERIVILLE under the NPN Creation Fund, in collaboration with, New World Theater (Amherst, MA); and Dance Place (Washington, DC))
  • February-March 2010: WOW! AMERIVILLE goes home to New Orleans.  Thanks to Aimee Hayes and Southern Rep, Ameriville is given a run at Southern Rep in collaboration with our friends at Junebug Productions and John Oneil; Ashe Cultural arts Center; and Tulane University.  AMAZING! All the way around.  We also want to thank our family at the Guardians of The Flame for all your support and caring education.  We love you all.  To those who may be reading this blog, if you want to contribute money and support the New orleans community, we ask that you consider giving to: The Guardians of the Flame (Mardi Gras Indians); Junebug Productions; Ashe Cultural Center; Mondo Bizarro; ArtSpot; The national Performance Network (NPN); Southern Rep; and Tulane Univ. Cant wait to go back.
  • March 2010: Touchstone Theater (Bethlehem, PA) brought us out to hit it with Live from the Edge and we had a great time.  We were also able to catch up with or amazing friend Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas who teaches out there now.  He was telling us that he was about to return to Cuba as the first Cuban American Playwright with his new work, El canto del pozo ciego: Una sola mirada, un mismo canto:  http://www.facebook.com/notes/cubaescena-teatro-cubano/el-canto-del-pozo-ciego-una-sola-mirada-un-mismo-canto/419510818136 Congratulaciones Jorgesito, we love you. 🙂  May Bethlehem continue to relish the jewel they have in you, Jorgecito.
  • April 2010: HartBeat Ensemble (Hartford, CT) ROAD TRIP: Greg Tate and our friends at Hartbeat, invited us to drive up and play in “their backyard” and we hit it with Live from The Edge.  Amazing time with family and friends and local youth and it was on and we can’t wait to see them all again.
  • April 2010: Sandglass Theater (Putney, VT) ROAD TRIP: From there we drove up to Putney to hook up with our friend Eric Bass and Family at Sandglass.  OMG 😀 … Vermont’s beauty never ceases to amaze me.  We performed everywhere, but here, we were the students, in awe with Eric’s and his families generosity and kindness.  We miss you guys and thanks again.  Can’t wait for the next.  Nothing like Fishing on the Connecticut River … Catch and release, catch and release.
  • April 2010: Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) ROAD TRIP: From VT we drove up the wonderful Margaret Lawrence at Dartmouth to present AMERIVILLE. Dartmouth has become a home to us, as Slanguage, Eyewitness Blues and Ameriville have all had development history on their campus.  There, we rejoined with great students of theater and community and great friends who go above and beyond (Joe Clifford).  Thanks Joe.  Can’t wait to return, maybe to develop our new piece? or maybe just for dinner 🙂
  • Gamal Moves to Beautiful New Orleans … It has a way of making you want to do that 🙂 
  • May 2010: American Repertory Theatre (A.R.T) (Cambridge, MA) Yes … Yes, we hit with Live from The Edge at Club Oberon for the Emerging America Festival.  Fun, Fun, Fun, and IHOP :).  There we got to meet new friends, the company of THE DONKEY SHOW … They say that all that glitters ain’t gold, but these people glitter and their energy is golden … Looking forward to building and reconnecting.  Thanks A.R.T for such a great time.  By the way, I was renamed Madrid by some of the Donkey Show company members, I love it.
  • May 2010: The Public Theatre (NYC) New Works Now festival.  How great to get back together with Chay Yew and put on a staged reading of AMERIVILLE at home.  This was a chance for our families and friends and our beautiful NYC to get a sneak peak at Ameriville before it hits the NYC in full blast in January 2011. Thanks to all the staff and friends at The Public for this wonderful opportunity and bringing us home for a moment.
  • May 2010: Back to Southern Rep. – One Night only for a benefit performance.  It was a crazy travel day! We were scheduled to perform at around 10pm but thanks to Delta and JFK, we were at the airport from the a.m. to the a.m..  Made it into New Orleans by 1 am … rushed to the venue and performed by 1:30 am … Loved it … went to the Verti Mart and got some Jazz PoBoys … went back to the room… unwrapped them … gobbled them down as globs of cheeses and sauces dripped down our arms … passed out … woke up … got back to the airport and onto planes … left Gamal there, at home … and were back in the blink of an eye … It it all seems like a dream … a beautiful, maddening dream that we will never forget.   We miss you NOLA and your sexy self. (Note: Since then, the Verti Mart burned down and we are saddened by that loss.  Please go here, to support their employees:  http://www.facebook.com/event.phpeid=103542193030791&ref=mf.
  • June 2010: TCG Conference (Chicago) Steven and I hit the road for TCG … Great time and reconnecting with old friends.  It’s that annual event when we can all catchup.  We were able to stop by and support the ladies of Teatro Luna and get caught in the rain.  Can’t wait for next year.

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