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To our Fam and Friends,

We are currently at Curious Theatre in Denver, Colorado, viewing America from its purple mountain majesties. 🙂 It’s breathtaking. 

After the premiere of Ameriville at the Humana Festival (Actors Theatre of Louisville, KY) we have been blessed with the opportunity to fine tune the play and give it a new “proscenium” life after its already powerful shape for the “round”. We are very proud of the work we’ve created and excited about the electrifying community dialogue and mobilization that is happening because of it.

America is ready for the conversation and with “Ameriville” we are talking loud and sayin’ something.

We are excited with the possibilities for the year ahead of us as we prepare to take Ameriville to New Orleans, New Hampshire, Montana, and D.C.. We are thrilled that in the coming year, UNIVERSES is opening it’s doors to new company members and we are charged that we will host our 1st summer play lab and retreat, providing play and technical development opportunities for other artists in our communities. 

As you know, for the past 13 years UNIVERSES has financially supported itself through self generated/touring income but as we begin a new journey in helping to develop and produce the works of our “artistic community”, we are reaching out to you, “our community of family and friends” to help launch us into a new direction. We thank you for all your support throughout the years and hope that you will add UNIVERSES to your list during this season of giving. 

Here’s a toast to what the new year will bring as we ALL set off and row our boats against the current.

Wishing you all the best,

(Mildred, Steve, Gamal, Ninja)

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