Monthly Archives: May 2008

Our own Rhythm Road, beyond the Rhythm Road

Ok, by now you have probably guessed we are no longer in Amsterdam, in fact, we are already a couple of months away.  But some of us wouldn’t mind being there right now, perhaps pontificating over the next next in a dark “Coffee Shop”, aching from a Brownie sweet tooth. But we’re not.  After Amsterdam, we traveled to good old England, ready to make our way over the Pond and it was smashing, just smashing.  The Queen did not get to catch our show and I dreamt, for a moment, that we performed a Jazz Piece in the poets corner at West Minster Abbey, but today I woke to reality as the Little Big Ben Alarm on my night stand woke me up this morning and told me to get ready for the next big two day adventure in, you guessed it, Madison Wisconsin (Tun! Tun! Tuuuuuuun!).

Yes, today we are in Madison.  The American Airline flight here was a trip, as our pilot kept U-Turning.  He turned so far on his side we almost flipped, lost cabin pressure and kissed our Haikus goodbye.  But alas we made it, no worries, and the accommodations are sweet courtesy of Paris Hilton by way of the Overture Performing Arts Center.  If you’ve never been to the Overture, you should think about stopping by when you are in town.  It is lovely.  The guys are toasting Madison as I speak, and my eyes have glassed over for the night.  But tomorrow morning we do the damn thing for 900 Madison Youths and at night we do it all again for Madison at large.  I’ll let you know how it went.  Stay up America and watch over me while I sleep.