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UNIVERSES in LA – Luckman Theater

Hi Fam,
Here we are in smoggy but wonderfully sunny California (we luv it here) on our third day of a four day Live from the Edge performance set of hits, and we write to report that so far it’s been great.

Our energy had pulled us through performances in spite of some problematic sound equipment and space sound issues but in general, the staff and crew of the Luckman theater have been great.
The lighting for this show has been warm and inviting and the hospitality has been nothing less than hospitable.

We are traveling with Quest, Paola and Tiffany, who has never been to LA, so we did the tourist thing yesterday and walked through Hollywood. Quest got himself a blue bear from build a bear workshop as his Hollywood souvenir and Tiffany got some great shots of herself with a very weird genie and a nearly “nekid” roman soldier.

We then took a scenic drive to the Santa Monica Pier and quickly turned around to work through Cali traffic and make it back in time for call. We then proceeded to rip it on stage and after the performance, came back to the hotel for a home cooked meal at Denny’s :).

We have been staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Montebello (a golf resort) and although we have not yet tried our skills at golf, we have witnessed the skilled and the skill-less from our bedroom window. This morning a female golfer, fully equipped with pink golf balls, held up a line of golf carts filled with eager middle aged golf outfitted men, in a bumper to bumper parade of anxiety, as she swung and swung and laughed and laughed, ’cause it’s all good and she was here to have a good time, not taking the sport too seriously with her pink golf balls. Loved it ;).

We don’t know what today will bring but we will hip you too it tomorrow.

Peace, Love and Hair Grease to all
‘Till the next.

UNIVERSES – Steven, Gamal, Ninja, Mildred

(Blog by: Mildred
Images by: Tiffany)